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Phillip Temples has lived in the greater Boston area for many decades. He's published a number mystery-thriller novels, a novella, and four story anthologies in addition to over 220 short stories. He is a member of GrubStreet and the Bagel Bards.

Corn in the Summertime

Poem by Neolatry + Interview Emerging from the fields in the Cincinnati area, Neolatry is a poet and genre writer whose work can be found in such publications as The Chamber Magazine. Much of her upcoming work focuses on articulating moments of love, from the gossamer joy of a warm sunbeam, to the crashing and inescapable love ... Read more

The Summers Were Most Vivid

Poem by Matthan Slith + Interview Matthan Slith (he/they) is a writer and poet with a passion for bringing characters and moments to life. When not spending time in the worlds in their head, they live in NY with family. They love reading, listening to the rain, and disappearing in the woods.


Phil Temples resides in Watertown, Massachusetts. He's published five mystery-thriller novels, a novella, and four story anthologies in addition to over 220 online short stories online. Phil also likes to dabble in mobile photography. He is a member of GrubStreet and the Bagel Bards.

A Pastime

Poem by Andromeda Mendoza + Interview Born in the Philippines, Andromeda’s creativity springs from a past spent riding in bamboo-made carts and roaming through bustling markets in the city. In 1989, she emigrated to Houston, where she developed her interest in writing and the arts. Exploring many creative avenues has led her to embrace her ... Read more

Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome is Not a Virus

Jeral Williams is a retired professor of psychology and fourth-quarter poet. His first book of poems, Sunset Without Dawn (Negative Capability Press, 2022) was inspired by the tragic death of a daughter. A cancer and stroke survivor, he enjoys writing each day despite the travails of a one-handed typist.

The Plucking of an Apple

Short Story by Lauren Kawamoto Lauren Kawamoto began writing when she was seven years old. To further her technique, she has attended several programs such as ATDP (Academic Talent Development Program) and BAWP (Bay Area Writing Project). She has additionally won the historical fiction section of her school's Creative Art and Writing Contest, and has ... Read more

How I Miss The Stars

Poem by Alicia K. Anderson + Interview Though she's been writing poetry since she was twelve, Alicia K. Anderson's short stories have been published in five short fiction anthologies. Her poetry remains her first love.


Poem by Terri Watrous Berry Terri Watrous Berry is a Michigan septuagenarian whose work has appeared over the past thirty-five years in anthologies, journals, magazines, and newspapers, including this fall in Gyroscope Review, Ms. Aligned's Coming of Age, Waco Cultural Arts 2023 anthology, Wild Librarian Press' Wild Crone Wisdom, and The Devil's Party Dress' Instant ... Read more


Adam Crawford is a writer of poems and short stories. His work has been published by Ink Babies Lit Mag, Poetic Anarchy Press and The Pomegranate London. He lives in Simi Valley, California.

In Midair

Short Story by Diane Kimbrell Diane Kimbrell is a southern regional writer. Her stories have been compared to the paintings of Norman Rockwell that reveal charming as well as provocative scenes of American life told with the precision and detail of Eudora Welty. Diane’s credits include The Raleigh Review, River Walk Journal, Inc., and the ... Read more

White Stone

Mason Pfaff, a 25-year-old residing in Milwaukee, WI, balances his time between his day job, household chores, and writing endeavors. Outside of his commitments, he enjoys gardening, whittling, and boxing. His literary focus lies primarily in crafting short stories. He draws inspiration from authors such as Thomas Pynchon, Flannery O'Connor, Roberto Bolaño, J.M. Coetzee, and ... Read more

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