Open Submission — Chapbook vol. III

May. 18, 2022 ~ Jun. 12, 2022 (Closed)

Theme to Use: What Does Freedom Mean to You
Form to use: short story or poem


June begins our journey into the outdoors. Each step into the wild gives us a sense of freedom. Free from life’s chaos. With volume III, let’s center on the theme, “What does freedom mean to you?”

Is it:

  • World Peace,
  • Wars won,
  • Enjoying the outdoors with friends or family,
  • Journey through nature,
  • Life on the Beach,
  • Freedom in your relationship with God,
  • Travel or Vacation,
  • Fighting tyranny,
  • or living life how you see fit? 

Or, maybe it’s something else which you consider freedom. No matter what it may be, submit your piece and let us see what freedom is to you.


  1. One (1) submission per entry. Submission with more than one will not be accepted.
  2. Short stories must be between 50 and 1000 words max.
  3. All work submitted must be original and written by you, the author. We primarily seek unpublished work for our chapbooks. We will consider work that has appeared on your personal blog or website. We will consider previously published in another publication that is now inactive or closed, provided you own the rights. Please highlight if applicable.
  4. Entries with basic spelling or grammar errors will be rejected. Please double-check your work before submitting.
  5. Submissions that are not formatted will be rejected. Please add paragraph breaks before submitting.
  6. Please include your name or pen name, bio, and website in the form below as we list it in the “Writers Bio” section. Bio should be written in third person.
  7. All selected authors for the Chapbook will receive a copy of the e-book edition via a download link.
  8. You must read and agree to the disclaimer below to submit your work.

Written Tales magazine is self-funded; we are not able to pay for submission at this time. Please keep checking back as we update our guidelines often. To learn more about the magazine, please read our about page.

Selected work will appear on our website with a chance to be featured in our Written Tales Chapbook. They’re available to paid subscribers in pdf format. Those featured will receive a free copy.

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Submissions Closed