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Ode to Pinehill BBQ Buffet

Poem by Adam Largaespada + Interview Adam Quizon Largaespada is a Filipino/Nicaraguan from Southern California. He is currently an English professor across multiple community colleges. Being both a writer and dancer, he pursues the arts with the intention of establishing a deeper understanding of the self.


Poem by John RC Potter John RC Potter is an international educator and gay man from Canada, living in Istanbul. His stories, poems, essays, and reviews have appeared in a range of magazines, most recently in The Serulian (“The Memory Box”, September 2023). The author has over a dozen upcoming publications in the coming months, including ... Read more

The Beginning of the End

Short Story by Martha Mackilin Blair + Interview Martha Macklin Blair is an Interfaith Chaplain, Grief Coach and Certified End-of-Life Doula. She founded her private practice, Together Forward, in 2018 after raising twin boys as a widow, her husband having died of Acute Myeloid Leukemia before their second birthday.

Juliet’s Last Lover

Short Story by Stu Ducklow Stu Ducklow, a home-based design professional shaping small daily newspapers across the U.S. and Canada, brings a unique blend of creativity and technical prowess to our literary landscape. When not crafting layouts, Stu adds a melodic touch to the jazz scene, playing saxophone in intimate bands. His writing journey spans ... Read more

A Little Kid Remembers WW2

Short Non-Fiction by David Andersen + Interview David Andersen, born in Minneapolis in 1940, brings a wealth of technological insight to his writing. As a retired computer systems design engineer, he led groundbreaking initiatives at Lockheed Martin, introducing Europe to automated catalog ordering and pioneering the commercial success of voice mail systems. With his literary ... Read more

No Small Hole

Poem by Brian Mosher + Interview Brian Mosher lives in Mansfield, MA. He’s been writing poetry and short fiction since he was in High School in the 1970s, and has self-published 3 books, all available through Amazon, and his new poetry chapbook, Dreams and Other Magic is published by Alien Buddha Press.

Hymn — KA

Free Verse by David Blumenfeld David Blumenfeld (a.k.a. Dean Flowerfield) is an emeritus philosophy professor and associate dean who in retirement returned to writing stories, children’s literature, and poetry, which he abandoned in his late twenties to devote full-time to philosophy. His work appears in a wide variety of journals and anthologies.

Scribbled Gibberish

Gigan Poem by Gurupreet K Khalsa Gurupreet K. Khalsa is a current resident of Alabama, having lived previously in Ohio, Washington State, India, New Mexico, and California. She holds a Ph.D. in Instructional Design and is a part-time instructor in graduate education programs. Her work has appeared in multiple journals; many poems have received awards.


Sonnet by Thompson Emate Thompson Emate spends his leisure time on creative writing particularly poetry and prose. He has a deep love for nature and the arts. His poems can be seen in Poetry Soup, Poetry Potion, Visual Verse, Voice.club, Writers Space Africa and Written Tales. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

Beneath the Char

Flash Fiction by Kate McGovern Kate McGovern is a teacher, writer, and poet. She shares her stories around San Diego, CA. When not writing, Kate enjoys exploring nature with her dog, Opal.


Free Verse Poem by Liana Cass Liana is a college student in Boulder, CO. They are studying to become an English teacher one day. They spend their time reading, writing, listening to music, and enjoying time with their friends and cats. They wrote this piece as an ode to unrequited love, searching for something to fill ... Read more

Screaming Child

Poem by Lucy Whalen Lucy Whalen, a prolific writer, has made her mark in the literary landscape with published works in Cake Magazine, Gallons Magazine, The Afterpast Review, and Moss Puppy Magazine, among others. Dive into her captivating blend of creativity and depth. Connect with Lucy on Instagram (@lucy_whalen) and Twitter (@lucywhalen01) to explore more ... Read more

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