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The Sentence

Free Verse by Hayley Gibbons Hayley Gibbons is a wife, mom and English teacher from East London, South Africa. Her poetry has appeared in various online poetry journals. She likes listening to Sting with a cup of hot coffee and writing poetry whenever she gets the chance.

A Good Marriage

Short Story by E.P. Lande Born in Montreal, E.P. Lande has lived most of their life in France and Vermont, where they now live with their partner. Previously, they taught at l’Université d’Ottawa, where they served as a Vice-Dean, and have owned country inns. Recently, E.P.Lande's stories have been accepted by more than a dozen ... Read more

Harmony with Myself & the World

Poem by Denise Landry Denise Landry is a disabled writer living in Montreal Canada. Her poem “Misty the Mischievous” is in the anthology, (ZOOANTHOLOGY ,“The Sled Ride Surprise” is in the anthology,The Gift (both by Sweetycat Press/ Steve Carr 2022). Her poems “Rolling Down Life’s Highway” and “Embosomed by Nature “ are in the anthology books ... Read more

Frame by Frame

Short Story by Gina Angelone Gina Angelone is a filmmaker and fiction writer whose work has received Emmy awards, international prizes and grants from foundations such as the National Endowment for the Arts and the American Academy of Arts & Letters. She is a published author of novels and short stories.


Poem by Ali Ashhar Ali Ashhar is a poet, short story writer and columnist from Jaunpur, India. He is the author of the poetry collection, Mirror of Emotions (Notion Press, 2021). Following the release of his book, he was chosen as the Best Debut Author for the year 2021 by The Indian Awaz and was ... Read more

Love With An Axe

Short Story by Holly Ellison Born and raised in New York, Holly was fortunate enough to live in various countries, including France, where she wrote lyrics for French singers and jingles for radio stations. Holly now enjoys retired life in Montana and continues pursuing her passion for writing, incorporating her life experiences with a little ... Read more

The World Crawls Out Of His Mouth

Free Verse by Khadijah Abdullahi Khadijah Abdullahi is an 18 years old poet and a student of law at the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. She had her first lingual manuscript in Hausa titled Gonan Dabbobi shortlisted for the prize of Nigerian Prize for Indigenous writing, she is passionate about human rights. She participated in ... Read more

If You Come My Way

Poem by Jonathan Chibuike Ukah + Interview Jonathan Chibuike Ukah lives in the United Kingdom with his family. His poems have been featured and will soon be featured in The Blue Villa Mag, Atticus Review, Remington Review, Ephemeral Literary Review, Strange Horizons and elsewhere. He is a winner of the Voices of Lincoln Poetry Contest ... Read more

To Meet Me

Poem by Luisa Kay Reyes Luisa Kay Reyes has had pieces featured in "The Raven Chronicles", "The Windmill", "The Foliate Oak", "The Eastern Iowa Review", and other literary magazines. Her essay, "Thank You", is the winner of the April 2017 memoir contest of "The Dead Mule School Of Southern Literature".

First Love

Sonnet by Sonnettics Scott Ennis, a dedicated writer, has playfully penned more sonnets than even Shakespeare himself, and it's no coincidence that 'Sonnettics' is a clever anagram of his name. Scott, a former paratrooper in the U.S. Army, has also embraced endurance athletics, achieving remarkable milestones, including the Boston Marathon and the Ironman Triathlon. In ... Read more


Flash Fiction by Mary Corbin Mary Corbin is a writer and artist based in San Francisco and a graduate of California College of the Arts. Her stories have appeared in Otoliths, The First Line Literary Journal, and Hedge Apple Magazine. Her first collection of short stories, "Life Lines", was published in September 2023.

Summer Houses

Poem by Janet McCann Nestled in the heart of Texas, the esteemed poet Janet McCann graced the halls of Texas A&M University for a remarkable 47 years, leaving a poetic legacy that warms the heart.

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