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Three Tankas by Jess Gregory

A Chronically Ill Christmas Jess is a retired musician-turned-writer and disability advocate, now living in Belgium. Although her poems are ... Read more

Entertaining With Aplomb

Poem by Joseph Farina Joseph A Farina is a retired lawyer and award-winning poet in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. His poems have ... Read more

The Magic of the Season

Short Story by Shreya Chauhan Shreya is a compulsive diarist with a background in business. She appreciates silent mornings, enjoys ... Read more

This Christmas Time

Poem by Rhea Agrawal Rhea Agrawal is a teen who loves to write, play basketball, critique pieces of literature or ... Read more

Poem by Perry Wyatt

The Song of Snow Perry Wyatt (she/her) is a writer from Wales with a love for all things strange and ... Read more

Stuff Inside

Flash Fiction by Liz Lydic Liz Lydic is a mom, writer, and admin for a city in the Los Angeles ... Read more

Chimney Christmas

Short Fiction by Jon Moray Moray has been writing short stories for over a decade. His work has appeared in ... Read more

Poem by Anna Rozwadowska

Benevolence Anna Rozwadowsk, Ph.D., is a long-time writer on Medium and other writing platforms. She was born in Gdynia, Poland ... Read more

Home for Christmas

Prose by Lauren Scharhag Lauren Scharhag is an award-winning author of fiction and poetry, and a senior editor at Gleam. ... Read more

You Be The Light

Anaphora Poem by Beth Brody Beth Brody has over a dozen published poems for children and adults, in journals and ... Read more

Poem by Eleanor Kristan

To Escape Eleanor Kristan is a high school student with a keen interest in writing and reading poetry. She lives ... Read more

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