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Prose by Mick Aquadale + Interview Mick Aquadale lives in Galicia, Spain, where he writes, paints, and lives in harmony with 17 fruit trees, his wife, and their children. He enjoys nude bathing and lives a jazz-infused life. Originally from the Niagara Falls area, he is published in Syncopation Literary Journal of Toronto and Lion ... Read more

A Bottle of Love at Sea

Free Verse Poem by Ashley B Ashley is an aspiring writer who enjoys crafting stories and poetry. She is an avid poet, and her work has been recognized through a first-place win in a poetry competition hosted by the American Painters and Peace Educators Association. Her goal is to not only continue creating and publishing ... Read more

Damp Summer Night

Poem by Nivedita Shori Nivedita Shori is a Canadian of Indian origin. She writes in multiple genres, including short fiction, narrative memoir, and poetry. Her published work reflects the themes of immigration, womanhood, identity, mindfulness, well-being, and self-growth. She enjoys nature and writing meditations and is hopelessly in love with ink-pens, latte, and rain.

Tall Dunes

Short Story by Jack Durant + Interview Jack Durant is an ESL teacher who has taught in Chile, Japan, Spain, and New York. He lives abroad and writes fiction in his spare time.

The Seventh Column

Poem by Klaudia Wysocky Klaudia Wysocky, a Polish poet based in New York, is known for her ability to capture the beauty of life through rich descriptions in her writing. She firmly believes that art has the potential to inspire positive change. With over five years of experience in fiction writing, Klaudia has had her ... Read more

Electrical Storm

Poem by Jeremy Gadd Jeremy Gadd is an Australian author and poet. His most recent publication is ‘Driving Into the Dark,’ a selection of 60 previously published poems (Ginninderra Press, Adelaide, 2022). He has a Master of Arts and Ph.D. degrees from the University of New England and lives and writes in an old Federation-era house ... Read more

The Problem

Poem by Adam Crawford Adam Crawford is a writer of poems and short stories. His work has been published by Ink Babies Lit Mag, Poetic Anarchy Press, and The Pomegranate London. He lives in Simi Valley, California.

To Earth

Poem by Shamik Banerjee Shamik Banerjee is a poet and poetry reviewer from the North-Eastern belt of India. He loves taking long strolls and spending time with his family. His deep affection with Solitude and Poetry provides him happiness.

The Bible Room, 3 O’Clock

Poem by ET Viridian Elliott-Timothy Viridian is a writer from Minnesota. Growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, Viridian ties his Black southern identity with his relationship with religion, sensuality, and queer intimacy within his poetry. He now lives in Boston, Massachusetts, studying intimacy within poetry, Black feminist theory & practice.

Animal Spirits 4-1-9

Short Story by George Wehrfritz The author, a retired journalist, lives in Salinas, CA, and writes speculative fiction as a pastime. His recent work can be found in The European Literary Review, Periscope Literary and Spoon Knife 8 (forthcoming). He adores the 1990s unabashedly.


Flash Fiction by Doug Hawley The author is a little old man.

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