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Poem by John Grey John Grey is an Australian poet and US resident, recently published in Stand, Washington Square Review, and Sheepshead Review. The latest books, ”Between Two Fires,” “Covert,” and “Memory Outside The Head,” are available through Amazon. Work is upcoming in the McNeese Review, Santa Fe Literary Review, and California Quarterly.

Little Mistakes Will Ruin Your Day

Short Story by JD Clapp JD Clapp is based in San Diego, CA. His work has appeared in 101Words, Micro Fiction Mondays Magazine, Free Flash Fiction, Wrong Turn Literary, Scribes MICRO, Café Lit, and Sporting Classics Magazine, among several others. His story, One Last Drop, was a finalist in the 2023 Hemingway Shorts Literary Journal ... Read more

A Post-Brunch Awakening

Short Non-Fiction By Aarti Aria Aria loves to give voice and words to the nuances and mixtures of everyday experiences, where Spirit meets Matter. As an alchemist, her writing combines the frequency of words, their sound, intention, emotions, playfulness, and her true expression in the moment. She currently works as a content writer at a health ... Read more

Magical Encounters

Short Fiction by Caro Henry Caro Henry, in a previous life, worked as a skilled web designer and data analyst (creative endeavors, to be sure). Nowadays, she spends her time writing stories, poetry, and essays, tending to her beautiful garden, and creating a welcoming environment for all the critters (domesticated and wild) that call her ... Read more

Everyone Learns Differently

Short Non-Fiction By Nancy Lindell Nancy Lindell, a former D1 women's basketball player at Bradley University, now shares her love for literature at an elementary school library. Her expertise in Sports Psychology showcased through her writing, has left a lasting impact on the field.

For the sake of the game: 1964 CE

Non-Fiction By Alan Bern Retired librarian Alan Bern is a published/exhibited photographer. He has won awards for his poems and stories, has published three books of poetry, has a hybrid memoir forthcoming from UnCollected Press, and performs with dancer/choreographer Lucinda Weaver as PACES. Lines & Faces, his press with artist/printer Robert Woods: linesandfaces.com.

Somewhere In The Strata

Poem by Brenna Salverson Brenna Salverson, armed with a writing and philosophy degree from Georgia Southern University, intricately intertwines science, theology, and the surreal in her thought-provoking literary creations.

Being with Jeff

Flash Fiction by Ronald J. Pelias Ronald J. Pelias has spent his career working with the fusion of performance, literature, and qualitative research methods in an ongoing hope he might find a momentary explanation, an emotional pause, a place of temporary rest. His most recent book is Lessons on Aging and Dying (Routledge).

Last Word

Free Verse Poem by Laura Turzo Laura Turzo is a writer of poetry, fiction, and narrative non-fiction. She currently lives in the Berkshires. Her work is included in an anthology of poetry and prose from Mackenzie Publishing, the Written Tales chapbook Nature's Embrace: A Symphony of Voices, and online at Beatnik Cowboy and Backwards Trajectory.

The Raft

Poem By Mary Donnelly Uncover the remarkable journey of Mary Donnelly, from Substance Abuse counselor to skilled sheep farmer. Her poetic voice echoes through the pages of The Women's Review of Books, Rain and Thunder, and the celebrated anthology All We Can Hold. In the peaceful landscapes of Vermont, she crafts literary gems that touch ... Read more

Unveiling the Power of Friendship

Poem by Kev Discover the captivating world of Kev, an engaging writer whose pen weaves stories and poems rooted in historical & cultural events. Delve into the realm where fiction mingles with facts, leaving you curious and inspired.

My Wake Up Call

Poem By Josie Lenwell Step into the enchanting world of Josie Lenwell, where art, storytelling, and activism intertwine. Amidst the mountains of Taos, NM, she weaves her creative arts alongside cherished beloved beasties.

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