The Christmas House

We stood freezing outside
As we tried to decide
Whether we would go inside.
Drove for miles in the snow.
For its Christmas, you know.
And the house is all aglow.
The tree, its twinkling lights
Glowing miles into the night.
All’s blinded by the sight.
My mom’s face glistening.
My dad’s rarely listening.
My sibs always dissing.
Their senseless gossip chatters.
‘bout nothing that matters.
As the gift wrapping scatters.
More guests now arriving.
Doubts about surviving.
Decided to keep driving.
  • Gia Porter is a talented writer specializing in flash fiction and poetry. Her evocative works have graced the pages of renowned publications like the Garfield Lake Review, Fresh Words: An International Literary Magazine, and Written Tales. With her unique ability to touch hearts and ignite imaginations, she transports readers to enchanting worlds that linger long after the final page.

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