Holiday Bucket List

Poem by Anna Emilia

It's that time again, it's divine
Christmas is in style so versatile
Time to go to the attic ecstatic
See what's in there, no time to spare
Exchanging spring and summer clothes
For winter turtlenecks and green throw pillows
What to add to my holiday bucket list?
Gingerbread kisses and reindeer food
Wrapping presents and reading Christmas books
How about simple random acts of kindness
Go Caroling and hanging garlands
Santa doesn't need just milk and cookies
How about a delicious hot plate of food
In this frigid weather
Committed to the vision of this splendid season
Drinking eggnog with the ones you love
While simultaneously sending
Out Christmas cards
Let's trim the tree and deck the halls
I plan to go Christmas shopping after
My toy drive donation
Stimulate cooperation and motivation
Celebrate the reason for the season
That is less about receiving
But more about giving
So are you going to be naughty or nice?
Are you going to make Santa
Check his list twice!

Born on January 22, 1990, in Newark, NJ, Anna Emilia is a dynamic force, embodying her mother’s entrepreneurial flair and her father’s immigrant grit. With a Business Administration degree, CPR/BLS expertise, and certifications in Life Coaching and Reiki, she’s a powerhouse of ambition and holistic wisdom.

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