Snow Cream

Poem by Brenda Kay Ledford

Snowflakes twirl feathers
across the Shewbird Mountain.
The Matheson Cove glows
under a satin sheet.
Cotton balls cling to fir trees,
icicles hang from the roof
of the log cabin.  I grab
Ma Minnie Ledford’s dishpan.
Reba, Rena, Robenia, and I
scoop pure white snow,
pour sugar and vanilla flavoring
into the pan to make snow cream.
A Full Wolf Moon casts
gold on Chunky Gal Mountain.
My husband hitch-hikes from the CCC’s 
to spend Christmas with family.

Brenda Kay Ledford is a member of North Carolina Writer’s Network and listed with “A Directory of American Poets and Fiction Writers.” Her work has appeared in many journals including 50 Old Mountain Press anthologies. She has received the Paul Green Award 14 times.

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