Tis’ The Season

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Written Tales Magazine Volume III is a collection of works surrounding the seasons.

These writers from around the globe will make you smile. Stories and poems to bring back childhood memories and others reflecting on the seasons. No matter what type of prose you enjoy, you will find many favorites in this collection.


T.C. Anderson, Dawn DeBraal, Kamau Njoroge, Harry Nathaniel Mathole, Joan McNerney, 
Viridiana Crespo, 
Melody Wang, Laina Stanford, 
Moe Phillips, 
Daniel J. Flore III, Ann Privateer, 
Jason O’Toole, 
Brian Hill, 
Steve Denehan, 
Sophie Wagner, 
Swetali Kar, 
Jay Kay Dame, 
Eugenia Fain, 
Aldo Quagliotti, 
Donna Faulkner nee Miller, Theresa Gaynord, 
Maed Rill Monte, 
Lesley Sieger-Walls, 
Hannah M. Johnson, 
Christopher Wilson, 
—mob, Helga Gruendler-Schierloh, 
Sreekanth Kopuri, John Lambremont, Sr., Beth Brody, David Stakes, Seonaid Francis, 
Varshiny Arumugam, 
Nimra Savanghan, Moses Emehinola, Susan R. Morritt, The Poetic Newton, Frogg Corpse, Diane Kane, Mark Andrew Heathcote

We hope you enjoy these tales of horror as much as we did. Thank you again for reading the work from these amazing writers.


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