The Awakening

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Introducing “The Awakening,” the charming IX volume of the Chapbook series.

As the world undergoes unprecedented shifts, some find themselves awakened, their consciousness elevated to new heights of clarity and enlightenment. In this collection, conflicts give birth to truth, unveiling eye-opening revelations.

Through the power of poetry, immerse yourself in “Absolution of a Kiss,” “Days and Light,” and “Flicker,” where each verse ignites the spark to inspire your mind. Dive into the stories of “A Post-Brunch Awakening,” “His Butterfly,” and “The Autumn of Her Fall” as they navigate you on transformative journeys. Experience the freedom of “The Peregrine Falcon’s Plainsong” and reveal the hidden truths in “Selective Attention.”

Join us in this world of awakening, where hearts and minds unfold, and the power of self-discovery awaits.

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    beautiful work

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