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A Similitude

Shamik Banerjee is a poet from India. He resides in Assam with his parents. His poems have appeared in Fevers of the Mind, Lothlorien Poetry Journal, and Westward Quarterly, Dreich, The Hypertexts, among others, and some of his poems are forthcoming in Willow Review and Ekstasis, to name a few.

Mourning Glory

Jeral Williams is a retired professor of psychology and fourth-quarter poet. His first book of poetry, Sunset Without Dawn (Negative Capability Press, 2022), was inspired by the tragic loss of a daughter. A cancer and stroke survivor, he enjoys writing each day despite the problems of being a one-handed typist.


Thompson Emate spends his leisure time on creative writing, particularly poetry and prose. He has a deep love for nature and the arts. His poems can be seen in Poetry Potion, Poetry Soup, Visual Verse, Writer Space Africa magazine, and ScribesMICRO. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

A Father’s Dream

Jonathan Chibuike Ukah lives in London with his family. His poems have been featured and will soon be featured in Strange Horizons, The Fairy Tale Magazine, Atticus Review, The Pierian, Ariel Chart International Press, Boomer Literary Magazine, etc. He is a winner of the Voices of Lincoln Poetry Contest 2022.

view published articles on writtentales.substack.com.