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With The Rain

Poem by Ved Prajapati Ved Prajapati is a 17-year-old self-made poet and writer who was born and raised in India.

I’m sorry, Mother

Poem by the Flea Dane The Flea lives in a valley between two mountains, under an impossible sky, and where they are completely surrounded by olive, almond, and orange trees.

This Place Where We Are

Short Fiction by Tayah Groat Tayah Groat is a 25-year-old bisexual writer from York, Pennsylvania. Groat graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia with a bachelor's degree in Education and Spanish. Currently, she is teaching English in high schools in Madrid, Spain. She can be found on Instagram at @tayah_the_slaya or on Facebook by name. She also ... Read more

The Spring Wind

Poem by Sarah Butkovic My name is Sarah Butkovic, and I received my BA in English from Dominican University in May of 2021 and recently received my MA in English from Loyola University Chicago. Ray Bradbury is my most frequent literary muse as well as my favorite author.

Low Tide

Poem by Kate McGovern Kate McGovern is a writer, teacher, and storyteller. In addition to writing poetry and flash fiction, she shares her narrative stories with the writing community and audiences in San Diego, CA.


Poem by Thompson Emate Thompson Emate spends his leisure time writing particularly poetry and prose. He has a deep love for nature and the arts. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

Mother Nature’s Tears

Poem by Brittany Jokela + Interview Meet Brittany, a dynamic 28-year-old pursuing her dreams at Southern New Hampshire University. Juggling dual degrees in Creative Writing & English and Psychology, she calls Tennessee home with her husband of 8 years, her Siberian Husky, Roxy, and her feline companion, Sam. When not engrossed in coursework or writing, ... Read more

Another Morning

Poem by ATP Adewuyi Taiwo is a graduate of Geology from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He enjoys writing poetry about everyday life and bingeing on adventure novels. He is, at the moment, striving to create and perfect an African style of poetry and story writing that will be considered unique to him.


Poem by Delusional Phoenix Delusional Phoenix, a poetic soul lost in daydreams, battling a fading memory. Words become his refuge as he endeavors to capture fragments of his thoughts before they slip away.

Oatmeal Cookies

Short Non-Fiction by Denise Bossarte Denise Bossarte is an award-winning author, poet, photographer and artist whose passion is inspiring others. Her daytime job in IT helps to keep the household running. She enjoys writing, exploring new art forms, and teaching contemplative photography workshops. She lives in Texas with her husband and literary cat, Za' Ji.

Embosomed by Nature

Poem by Denise Landry + Interview Denise Landry, a disabled writer based in Montreal, Canada, showcases her literary brilliance through a myriad of captivating works. Her poem "Misty the Mischievous" finds a home in the anthology (ZOOANTHOLOGY), while "The Sled Ride Surprise" graces The Gift anthology (both by Sweetycat Press/Steve Carr 2022). Furthermore, her poem ... Read more

Tricky Dancer

Poem by Cher Alex Cheryl Atim Alexander is an Afro-Euro woman primarily of Nigerian, Greek, and British descent. Currently an MFA student, her writing material emanates from lived, professional, and educational experiences. She has been published in Decolonial Passage, Wilderness House Literary Review, and Written Tales Magazine.

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