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Us, Years Later

Poem by Kimberly Madura + Interview Kimberly Madura is currently a student at the University of Oxford, London. Prior to that, she had a career for over 20 years working in mental health. She has a book of poems and a move to Wyoming upcoming in 2024. She dedicated this poem to her cousin, Amanda ... Read more


Poem by Noah Hubbell A Master of Science, but a lover of art, Noah Hubbell is an insomniac poet from Denver, Colorado. He finds joy in complex philosophy and comfort in simple living. Currently, he lives in Aurora, Colorado with his partner, Claire, and their Labrador, Pal.

Inching Up The Wall

Short Story by Denise McCabe + Interview Denise is a playwright and fiction writer based in Los Angeles, California. She has had three plays produced, a show dedicated to a sampling of her short fiction, and recently published a novel, Poetic Justice, and completed a follow-up, Buddha Wolf.

Early Life

Short Story by Doug Hawley + Interview The author is a former actuary in Oregon, USA, who lives with cat Kitzhabler and editor Sharon. He has hundreds of publications in multiple genres on four continents. When not writing, he is probably eating, sleeping, volunteering, eating, or drinking. He has two books out - Weird Science ... Read more

Dancing on the X

Poem by Todd Williams + Interview Todd Williams is a former South Dakota journalist now working in the Middle East. His poetry has been published in numerous online and print magazines and anthologies, as well as his award-winning chapbook "Objects in the Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear."

I Promise We’ll Come To A Point Of Understanding

Poem by Imani Maya Barasa + Interview Imani Maya is a gender-variant lesbian hailing from Nairobi, Kenya, who employs the art of poetry to delve into the profound and absurd aspects of life. Imani's debut poem, "On Recognizing Your Brothers As Misogynists," is soon to be published in Divine Zine, a digital platform dedicated to ... Read more

Junkyard Cradle

Short Story by Heidi Hakimi-Hood + Interview Heidi Hakimi-Hood is a high school Spanish teacher with a PhD in English Studies. She is a whiskey enthusiast, cheese adventurer, and co-editor of Transatlantic Anglophone Literatures, 1776-1920. She resides in North Texas.

The Nine Stages of Heartbreak

Short Story by Zoë Mertz Zoë Mertz is currently pursuing her MFA in fiction at Emerson College in Boston. She also enjoys martial arts, embroidery, and wandering around her native Pacific Northwest. Her story “Pacific Grays and Blues” recently appeared in Lunch Ticket Magazine. She is excited to share her writing with readers of the ... Read more

Good Decision

Short Story by Katie Kent + Interview Katie Kent lives in the UK with her wife, cat and dog. Her fiction has been published in Youth Imagination, Breath and Shadow and Northern Gravy, and a number of anthologies. She won second place in Writing Magazine’s 2022 ‘Love Story’ competition.

Nostalgia’s Embrace

Poem by MAOIs MAOIs (Mahnissa), an artist at heart, has worked as a writer for over 15 years. Throughout her career, she has poured her emotions onto paper, firmly believing that words have the power to heal her. When asked why she became a writer, she readily explains, "I write because no one listens."


Poem by Kathleen Orange Kathleen Orange is associate professor emerita of political science and the director emerita of the Foley Community Service Center at Spring Hill College in Mobile, AL.

Spring in the Alps

Poem by Petrouchka Alexieva Ms. Petrouchka Alexieva is Bulgarian born, who resides in the USA. She is a well-known feminist and a LOVE poet, TV persona, and distinguished scholar. For her outstanding lifelong honorary achievements, she was awarded numerous distinguished honors and prizes.

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