You Be The Light

Anaphora Poem by Beth Brody

Light the longest winter nights. Light
the house and hedges with a million
falling twinkle stars. Light the tree
with bluegreenred. Let the light shine out,
reflect the wonder of delight
in children’s eyes. Lighten hearts,
shed light on true desires.
Light a guiding blaze towards New Year’s Eve,
alight upon your future. Light one candle,
then light eight, as moonlight voices
lift in song.
Light a warming hearth with love.
Light a spark of hope:
Light up cities,
Light up farms.
Give light to all those destitute, defenseless, and ignored.
You be the light.
Illuminate the world.
  • Beth Brody has over a dozen published poems for children and adults, in journals and anthologies, both in print and online. Beth was awarded an MFA in Writing by Vermont College of Fine Arts and was selected as a Contributor in Poetry at the Bread Loaf Writer's Conference 2022.

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