Unveiling the Power of Friendship

Friendships are like a burning candle, flickers in the wind. But when placed in the right environment, it can rekindle and burn brighter than before.

Time comes and goes as night falls.
Memories live and thrive throughout your mind.
Departed souls no longer speak, nor listen,
Yet recall within your mind, and you will surely find

Moments shared, past and forgotten
Etched in the mind as ice caresses its form.
Yet no thoughts allowed of past correlations,
Ignored and forgotten, a friendship mourned.

Memories fade, yet thrive inside,
Hidden away as a path on a moonless night;
Nowhere seen, secured in obscurities,
They remain untouched.

Friends? Once upon a time, the best of;
Cherished, only now to be forgotten.
Distant, never to speak again,
Yet through memories, each one lives.

Time passes, the seasons change,
Years fade as ships sail the lonely seas.
Time lost to years forgotten,
Friendships shattered with no remorse.

Can one regain that which was lost?
Can conversations rekindle the broken heart?
Can time reclaim the memories once shared,
Or does the silence shroud the severed heart?

Time heals or destroys the many,
It can bond a broken spark;
A friendship strong as glacier peaks,
Yet fragile as ice shattering to the earth beneath.

Will time heal the broken-hearted,
Or are wills so strong that none forgive?
These answers I seek, yet do not know,
I cannot see inside another's soul.

Has time healed that which was broken,
Or is a friendship lost with the unspoken?

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