The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Free Verse Poem by Teresa Klepac

How can it be
in the season of joy
you feel as if your world
has spun into a shivering
winter storm?
While silver bells chime
the wind of worry
rings a minor chord,
a dissonant flurry like
icy snowflakes on glass.
Good cheer wished
with frosty sharpness.
Winter dances on the eave
brings a spritely chill
where sharp icicles cling.
No fire to warm
or goodwill to fill
the beggar’s cup or
the spirit miser’s bowl.
Bleakness turns the
landscape blue. The billows
of sorrow weave
a storm of blustery winter
that lances through
and through.

Teresa H. Klepac, a resident of Columbia, Mo., whose writing journey began with enchanting flash fiction tales in fourth grade. Her talent has flourished, earning her publication in literary magazines such as Still Point Art Quarterly, Tigershark, Blood and Bourbon, and Pure Slush.

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