Night Terrors

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Written Tales Magazine Volume II is a collection of horror short stories and poems.

These writers from around the globe will make the hair on the back of your neck stand straight up.Stories of murder and mayhem, to the lover’s quarrel, are awaiting. No matter what type of scene or setting in the horror genre you love, you will find it in this fantastic collection.


Russell Riendeau, Amy Bobeda, Urmilla Kannuswamy, Tiya Chows, Paula Sue Bryant, Dave, Linda Imbler, Marie V. Michaels, George Frost, Moe Phillips, Jack M. Freedman, Kevin Saitta, Bill Stifler, Beth Brody, Doug Hawley, Titania Tempest, Borderline Majnun, Kimmy Renee, Christopher Wilson, Craig Deegan, DC Phillips, Montana Dean, Ann Chaiti Sarkar, Carla Spitelle, Victoria Crawford, Gillian Knight, Denise Shelton, Kim Barrett, Meghashri Dalvi, ScarletWitch912, Archana Rehal, Abdul-Qaadir Bakari-Muhammad, Lynn White, Mackenzie Hurlbert, Sabuj Sarkar, Oluwafisayo Akinfolami, Christopher Henry, Jacek Wilkos, Mitchell Warnken, Donna Faulkner nee Miller

We hope you enjoy these tales of horror as much as we did. Thank you again for reading the work from these amazing writers.


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