Road Rash

Flash Fiction by Lee Hammerschmidt

“Hard to tell where the rider starts and the bike ends,” Detective Garnish said, looking at the bloody, twisted mishmash of flesh, bone, blood, and bicycle parts on the asphalt.

“Yeah, the bomb really did a number on him,” Bill, the CSI officer, said. “Any idea who it was?”

“Zeno Ceviche, a former lieutenant in the Anchovy Crime Syndicate. He was gonna’ turn states evidence next week. Now he’s just turning stomachs.”

“These e-bikes are easy to rig for explosives,” Bill said. “The electronic motor acts as the detonator once it reaches a certain speed.”

Garnish took a closer look at the remains.

“Jeez, what happened here?” Garnish asked, pointing at the metal spikes protruding from the upper legs.

“The bike had its motor on the frame, rather than the rear hub,” Bill said. “The force of the explosion happened near the front tire.”


“Spoke gets in your thighs.”

Lee Hammerschmidt is a Visual Artist/Writer/Troubadour. He is the author of the short story collections, A Hole Of My Own, It’s Noir O’clock Somewhere, For Richer or Noirer, and Flash Wounds. Check out his hit parade on YouTube!

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