Cry Freedom

Poem by John Kaniecki

Cry Freedom (To Trudy, My Nurse)

Cry freedom, cry and wail
Awesome, awesome is your tale
Steven Biko the former saint
With rainbow colors so you paint

Cry freedom, shout the scream
Never sleep, never doubt the dream
Words they fail
Actions prevail

Cry freedom I shall cry along
Together the better in melodic song
Righteousness, bliss & sweet lover’s kiss
Evil is wrong

Live or die, Love is why!

The chorus before us
Jesus Messiah on the cross
His gain our loss?

Cry freedom cry

Cry freedom cry
Truth tells no lie

John Kaniecki, a resident of Montclair, New Jersey, is a versatile writer with a passion for storytelling. Alongside his dedication to the written word, he also brings his expertise as a math tutor, sharing knowledge and guiding students toward academic success.

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