Autumn Fairy Tale

Poem by Victory Palace

Once upon a time, a crowd of trees
gathered in an empty field, led by
a majestic radiant Phoenix.
Dressed in gowns of red, green
and gold, their leaves wove a
tapestry of burning anticipation.
Then they parted into a corridor
that rolled out for miles
awaiting the mystery parade.
Golden flames lit up each
side of the corridor like Jean
Cocteau’s Belle et la Bete,
and the Phoenix cried:
“Make way, make way! Make
way for the King and Queen!”
They were handsome and
youthful despite the years of
old worries and new celebrations
which left nary a wrinkle on their
faces, nor impacted their overall health.
They make magic everywhere they go
while flowers of generosity bloomed
in every doorway they passed by.
They flung stars to the weary,
like rice after a wedding, to revive
their inner glows which faded long ago.
As their chariot roared ahead,
through flurries of gold and red
the cheering throngs clustered
behind them to close the path--
while multicolored flowers
faded in their rear-view mirrors.
And they spent the rest of the afternoon
laughing all the way to the horizon’s bank,
where they met the Sun, to announce
their plans to transform the world.

Victory Palace, a poetic soul yearning for lasting fame, navigates the realms of part-time verses, seeking the elusive crown of full-time brilliance. While not a teaching poet, this multifaceted artist delves into the captivating world of documentary filmmaking, passionately dedicated to a 16-year project.

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