As The Seasons Change

Poem by Kiera Ze Pug

A once warm breeze flowing softly by,
Trees that were once adorned with viridian leaves,
Sway softly in the breeze,
As their leaves change their colour

Once viridian, are now orange, yellow, and red
Each colour having a certain warmth to them,
In contrast to the now chilly breeze,
As the seasons change

The warm rays of the sun shine down,
Situated in a cerulean clear sky,
But as the seasons change,
They start to be partially obscured by pewter clouds

When the seasons change from sunny summer to chilly autumn,
A particular month comes to mind,
One where spooky stories start to arise,
One that is loved by many all around the world,
Within this month,
A particular day also comes to mind

On this day,
People dress up as spooky characters,
Vampires, Ghosts, Villains, Zombies,
The characters temporarily coming to life for the day

Accompanied by their parents,
Children go from door to door,
Obtaining sweet treats as they do,
That are promptly gone by the next day

People watching scary movies on this day also comes to mind,
With friends or family,
Huddled under a warm blanket,
To protect them from the cold weather,
Eating sweets and drinking hot drinks

Before or on this day,
A circular orange fruit is also brought,
For people to express their creativity with,
Carving out scary or funny faces,
To be used as decoration on this day

However, this month is not the only thing that comes to mind,
As the leaves are changing,
daytime nature walks also comes to mind,
In order to admire the changing beauty of nature

A park being a mix of colours,
As some trees keep their emerald leaves,
Others lose them,
The leaves being replaced with leaves the colour of fire,
Each having their own unique warmth and beauty

Kiera Ze Pug, a talented wordsmith, dances between the realms of literature, poetry, visual arts, and education. Her creative spirit knows no bounds as she aspires to leave her mark on the world of the creative arts.

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