• Doug Hawley

    Discover the enchanting world of Doug Hawley, a seasoned writer from Lake Oswego, Oregon. With his editor Sharon and the mischievous cat Kitzhaber, he crafts captivating stories that span genres. From his latest release, "Weird Science," to international publications, Doug's literary magic knows no bounds. Get ready to embark on a thrilling reading adventure!

Altered States

In this short fiction tale of love, loss, and unexpected reunions, Doug Hawley brings you “Altered States.” He takes you on an adventure with Duke, who encounters his ex-lover Jelly. This emotional rollercoaster balances in a dramatic wedding ceremony that leaves their future hanging in the balance.

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Triumph and Trials: A Short Fiction Tale by Doug Hawley – Duke and Gary ignite the SHORT movement, battling discrimination based on height. Scandals ensue, dreams falter, and the lift industry thrives.

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Switch: A Heartbreaking Tale of Love, Deception, and Regret by Doug Hawley – When past meets present, Duke’s life takes an unexpected turn, leaving him yearning for what could have been.

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In “Licorice” by Doug Hawley, an anthropologist visits the Chupa people in the mountains of Luzon. He discovers their unique culture, including their use of licking to form bonds. However, when a licking virus spreads in America, chaos ensues.

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In Doug Hawley’s “Fly,” Duke and Sally face a harrowing insect invasion. Their hope crumbles as they confront the impending doom that awaits them in a world overrun by deadly creatures.

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In Doug Hawley’s “Gate,” Sally discovers the hidden world of Ambrosia, where exceptional individuals reside, and secrets abound. Amidst dancing, genetic marvels, and indulgent brunches, love and mystery intertwine, inviting readers into a captivating realm.

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