You Will Appear to Me

You will appear to me

If You will appear to me
like a tomorrow,
I’ll become the present
that follows you from behind.
I see you far
and I miss you among rays
until the unlucky twilight.
In my twilight you are a fried mirror,
in the darkness that blackens
and burns you.
I understand that I sill miss you among rays
that come from another sun.

Another time

You came to tell me that the word is windy
and doesn’t have a form.
A promise is a game,
Because the human and the dog are the same.
You came to tell me
that the time holds you trickily,
and the wrinkles in your forehead
are put stealthily,
telling you love words.
It is bringing me words
from an abyss to another one,
that time stays tightly in your puls.
In the ether another time is coming.
Your time with another sun,
and another moon.

I’ve seen in the midnight

I’ve seen in the midnight
the mystic sky on the ground laying.
Above it the stars got drunk with air,
and go and come on something hidden.
And thousands of butterflies completed
with colours an empty space.
I’ve come down seven stairs
under seven sky shadows,
where clouds crashed
in the seashore like waves.
I’ve crashed with my foot my own shadow,
just when it came near me.
I crashed it without any hurt.

A Free Verse Poem by Guest Poet Nikollë Loka

Nikolla Loka was born in Mirdita Albania on March 25, 1960 and has published poetic cycles in various newspapers and electronic portals throughout Albanian, Italian, English, French, Romanian, Swedish etc. An author of eight poetic books, his poems were published abroad in various poetical anthologies and rewarded in National and International Poetry Competitions.

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