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With the current censorship on Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms, Written Tales can no longer tolerate or support it. We created this print and online magazine to defend free speech where readers and writers connect through writing.

Anyone who believes what’s happening is not an issue, then they better rethink where they sit. Speech is a fundamental right that separates us from dictator nations. Once they silence one side, the other is next. Read history; it repeats.

Most writers fail to realize is under socialist or communist regimes, the creative arts are the first removed. Writers are executed or locked away. Look into the Gulag, and it will astonish you at the numbers of writers and poets silenced as political prisoners (1). Some died. Their crime? They spoke out.

This is not about right vs. left or Biden vs. Trump. If you believe it is, you are foolishly naïve and bought into the propaganda hook, line, and sinker. Without getting full-blown political, I leave it where it is.

One last note, many in the mainstream media and social platforms are lying outright about the owner of MeWe. To set it straight, here are the words directly from him. Please meet us on MeWe where we can all enjoy lively chat, wonderful articles, and tips to help you get promoted and your work recognized. Free speech is free speech and not censored speech.


Setting the Record Straight — “FAKE NEWS” about MeWe 🤥👎

MeWe Members and Friends,

You may have heard rumors going around that MeWe is owned by the Democratic Party, or owned by Facebook, or even that MeWe is owned by China.


These are all Classic Facebook FAKE NEWS, started by Facebook to trick people. 😡 They are threatened and are a ridiculously dirty player.

Here’s the TRUTH: 👇💯

THE TRUTH: MeWe is 100% funded by high net worth investors, period. No affiliation with the Democratic Party, China, or ANY political party or government ever. 🚫 We’ve never even been approached by any money suggesting any such affiliation. Of course, we allow all good Americans who are accredited investors to invest if they’d like to. MeWe is for everyone. 👍

I’m a registered Libertarian and my politics have not and will never play any role in how MeWe is run. My op-eds in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post are clear about MeWe. 📰 As are my FOX News interviews. 📺 And I’ve been interviewed on many other outlets too — CNN, USA Today, BBC, PBS, etc. MeWe is for all good people of all backgrounds, countries, political views, religious affiliations, etc. This is the American way! 🇺🇸

Over the years and now once again, Facebook has even circulated rumors that they bought MeWe in efforts to dissuade new members from joining. 🤦 This is just their latest FAKE NEWS charade. 👎

Why is Facebook so afraid of MeWe? 😨🤔

Here are some links to the TRUTH — spoken or written by me: 👇

My Op-Ed in the NY Post — “Why Social Media Censorship is Worse Than Useless” 🤐 https://nypost.com/2020/05/22/why-social-media-censorship-is-worse-than-useless/

My Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal — “I Compete With Facebook and it’s No Monopoly” 🥁 https://www.wsj.com/articles/i-compete-with-facebook-and-its-no-monopoly-11561676776

My FOX Interview — “Facebook is a Surveillance Company” 😱 https://video.foxbusiness.com/v/6078675583001/#sp=show-clips

At MeWe, we are committed to and united in our belief that political censorship has no place in Social Media. 🚫 Principles of Free Speech are the bedrock of well-functioning democracies and of MeWe. Consensus and disagreements amongst good people are encouraged! ❤👍

If you see people spreading these false rumors about MeWe, please let them know the TRUTH. MeWe is Social Media Done Right — No Ads, No Political Bias, No Targeting, No BS! 🇺🇸 🌍 ❤👍🏽 📢

Warm Regards,


  • Ex-journalist writing once again through poetry and prose and founder of Written Tales. A magazine to connect readers and writers.

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  1. thank you! Goodreads is also switching up its platform so beware. You may not like the advertisements that dominate your book cover page.


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