Winter Sports

Photo by Ales Krivec on Unsplash
I remember…. 
Heavy Macintosh sweaters 
with Native scenes 
Homemade mittens 
Lacing skates 
Frozen sloughs 
Curling rocks 
made of peanut butter cans 
Snow forts in cavernous ditches 
Toboggans pulled behind cars 
Skidoos blasting over hurdles 
Icefishing with McDonald’s 
Bagpipe tuner scaring fish 
Augers grinding snow surface 
Climbing up “the bute” 
Seasonal Mardi-Gras with 
ice sculpture displays 
Fiddle contests followed 
by dog-team races 
Part of winter sports long past.
  • I've been writing all my life, it comes naturally. Since I've retired, I've gotten into it full-time. I am interested in all the arts--studied music, done oil painting, photography as well as learning constantly.

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