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Winter Reigns In An Empty Place

In a damp cold place
Was where I held the coldness
Seeping in chasms of my face
This was where I first felt the sweet caress

Bare wires, bare walls and carpet threadbare
A new feeling was thus borne
Music played in the air
When I awoke in the still morn

Wide, lonely, see the empty space
Hurtling in snow, on icebound road
The river bubbled high; I saw my face
As we traveled carrying our heavy load

Magic in the early morn
We walked in cold and rain
He gazed at me, I could have sworn
His face hid much pain

What did these walls have to tell?
We played music all of the time
Locked together in this shell
Time will tell at the end of the rhyme


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Susanne has written two books, self-published based on what I felt were my past lives, seven short stories in each linked to connecting poetry and a story that links the main story. 'The Girl by the Nile' is taken from the first book of 'Seven Tales of the Timeless Traveller'. This is my own copyright.