Why Poems?

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Why do we write poems, or is it why should we write poetry? It depends on one’s objective.

For some, it’s a way to pour out their hearts and emotions to deal and cope with specific events that have transpired against them. I know for myself it was a way to deal with tragic events that plagued me. And rather than taking issues into my own hands, I used poetry and the pen to expose and share what happened with the world.

For writers, it’s a powerful tool to strengthen the way they write. It forces one to consider each word chosen to bring forth deep meaning without all the extra fluff. It helps one see subjects in terms of metaphors to reveal a scene rather than telling the reader what’s in the scene; it affords a writer a brush to paint their thoughts in a creative way. Way’s they might not have thought about if they were in their comfort zone of writing their next paragraph.

And last, the most compelling reason to write poems is to help writers strengthen their ability to show and not tell by giving different forms to experiment with, forcing one to write outside their comfort zone.

Here are a few forms to try for your next writing challenge:

And if you try your hand at any of these, please share and I would love to see what you conjured up.

  • Ex-journalist writing once again through poetry and prose and founder of Written Tales. A magazine to connect readers and writers.

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