Why I Fight

If someone were to ask me why I fight this is what have
I never truly loved until I knew what it was that I was losing
I never truly showed caring until she was mentally gone
Now I live a lonely life wishing I could take it all back
To go back and show the younger stupider me what it was I had

She is kind of gone now but I still see forever
I pray that with time her heart changes and makes things all better
She is kind of gone now and still, she is the one I want
With the passing day, I still feel the evil taunt
She is kind of gone now but I still see her beauty
For the foundation and the annals of heaven, I still feel it is my duty

She deceived me and abandoned everything we built
Yet my heart beats for her and I can’t help but melt
She cheated and left me all alone
This is pain and depression so heavy I have never known
Yet I still fight and why you must ask
She has my mind and took my life to task
Made me better and who I can truly be,
Love without expectation is sometimes a horrible place to be
Yet for some reason I find myself wanting her more
I yearn for the future to see what we have in store

I hope it’s together and pray for this every day
You read this and shake your head but this is what I must say
Because I stay and fight my passion and that is her
Of the future of togetherness, I am not sure
She yearns for difference and that I try to provide
I fear the love of my life will eventually leave my side

Sometimes in life, I feel as though we are so quick to walk away
I am bound and determined to get through somehow some way
It’s difficult and the road has been long
I could chalk this portion of my life up to open a sad song
She pushes and I don’t know that I can cope
I don’t have the answers for being alone its just a slippery dark slope
One that takes me to depths of my psyche unknown
It’s scary and it’s dark and chills me to the bone

Here I am still breathing and try to smile everyday
I am here for a purpose and not let her get away
Not her love and I will continue to fight
I am here till she tells me to go
And then off I go into the night

  • Corey is a father, husband, brother, and son. He may not be the best at these but he tries hard. He is a Buddhist with a hopeless romantic spirit.

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