What I Have Seen

Photo by veeterzy on Unsplash

I dream of a city in ruins
shattered glass about,
time is still moving
yet my reality, I doubt.
Screaming from afar
bleeding from the sky
dripping from a star
willing me to cry.
I remember a time
they fell with splashes.
For them I mime
my wrist with gashes.
It streams down and stains
my bed and sheets
we share the pain
of the blood beaten streets.
Once they came to find me
I did not resist their will
speaking to me kindly,
I followed them ‘til
They took me to rest
my body began to decay,
I will meet my rest
this will be my stay.
Children weakly braced
to their beds in misery
They stare in my face
I smile pleasantly.
Though their giggling does disturb
without making a sound,
naught was spoken a word
as I awoke from underground.
I am awake and aware,
(a sigh of relief)
What is akin to a prayer
is as close to a belief.
The children do suffer
in that fiendish dream
yet I am left to wonder
of what I have seen.

Guest Poet

Jason Almenas

An ordinary writer, trying to write extraordinary things.

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