Wayan and He of a Thousand Eyes

Photo by Jared Brashier on Unsplash

In the darkness, Wayan smiled. It was midnight in Bali, and all was still in the compound. All was going to plan. Wayan was patient. He had waited for the last beers to be drunk and the last pleasantries exchanged before making his move. He casually walked around the ring of cottages. If anyone was paying attention, they would have seen the Head Groundskeeper making his nightly inspections.

Nothing to see here, folks!

After making sure all the guests were indeed asleep, Wayan left the cobbled path and trekked oh so silently towards the back of the compound, where the sheep pens were.

He had secreted it here, hee-hee, where better to hide something of cosmic significance than within plain sight? Unlocking a nondescript door, he stepped into the darkness.

The room was spartan- there was no furniture within except for a lone table and upon it, an ashtray. The ashtray was a used, soot-covered, soiled thing. Nobody would have given it a second glance. Wayan took it reverently in his hands and held it up to his cheek, caressing it as a mother would caress a newborn child.

In his gentle touch, the thing masquerading as an ashtray began to glow a faint, sickly green. All those ceremonies! Endless sticks of incense burned and mounds of flower mandalas built! All in praise of Him. He of a Thousand Eyes.

In the darkness, the Conduit whispered to him. It told him to be patient, the Mothership is coming, sailing through the black-vastness of space takes time but oh yes, HE WAS COMING!!!!!

In the darkness, Wayan smiled.

  • Alvin Ang is a Singaporean mixed martial artist and entrepreneur. He is new to writing but intends to make it his career. Please comment on his features.

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