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Unfathomable is the smile that will no longer be smiled
Unfathomable is the hug that will no longer be hugged
Unfathomable is the kiss that will no longer be kissed

Unfathomable is the song that will no longer be sung
Unfathomable is the dream that will no longer be dreamt
Unfathomable is the life that will no longer be lived

Unfathomable are the eyes that will no longer see
Unfathomable are the ears that will no longer hear
Unfathomable are the lips that will no longer taste

Unfathomable are the lungs that no longer breathe
Unfathomable are the muscles that no longer flex
Unfathomable is the heart that no longer beats

Unfathomable is the bond that remains
Unfathomable is the love that remains
Unfathomable is the shining light that remains
Forever blessed

  • Clinical psychologist, mindfulness teacher, freelance writer and mum of 3

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