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The energy radiates from a man
Across the street —
He flaunts his wide arms
Letting them go aimlessly
As if he owns this place.

And today, I own it too.
This colourful, eccentric neighbourhood —
Today, it’s mine.
Just like the air I breathe;
Today, it’s not heavy like lead.

Today, it’s light and pleasant
like the feeling you get
As you let yourself go at a salsa soiree.
Today, I have the power
to put the world down on my page.

I feel such happiness inside me
To know the colours and sounds,
To swim in the truest sensations
Of the Afternoon.
It’s better than an orgasm or two.

Sitting down, getting lost in the sun
While listening to your favourite beat
Is the best feeling you can get.
When your words flow
When they spill like a fountain, like a waterfall.

But tomorrow, I will tuck my heart away
Inside my winter coat, wrapping my soul behind layers.
Tomorrow, the city will let me taste
Ten different flavours of anxiety.
But today… my heart sings.

  • Olena is an Ukrainian-Australian writer and poet who lives in Sydney. She loves to explore the world through words.

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