The Sacrifice for Hope

Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash
I came from a place,
Of terror and war
The screaming and punching guns
In a constant destroying race

I came to seek freedom
In places afar
I lost my past
My future and my present

Now I am here,
Lying still in my bed
Wondering and thinking,
To joy am I near?

But here I have hope,
Safety and support
Yet something, I lost
It used to be close, but now is remote

I am not what I used to be,
My presence goes unnoticed
A bowl of food or a bottle of water
Can never present my name to me

Where I am, is not paradise,
It is simply not hell
I start to question,
Happy am I twice?

I came to a place
Of safety and hope
The sacrifice I made
Was my name and my face.

Luca Shin, 2020

  • Lover of learning languages, founder of Korean learning website Hangul Beuja, hungry for knowledge. I am a nerd who likes to study, don’t judge.

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