The Puzzle of Life

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Why does death evoke sympathy? Even a person hated by everyone gets a couple of genuine RIPs after demise.

Is it that difficult to respect a person while alive?

“Live and let live.” A simple expression of a much more complicated process. I do wonder who came up with that expression for the very first time!

A person brave enough to speak one’s mind is often valued only after leaving the body, the name, the life. The work they do, their creations, are all immortalized, but they are not around to see it happening.

But the question remains, why was it so difficult to accept them when they were there to acknowledge.

While in this world, we don’t even know if there is something to look forward to after death. We sure have lots of stories that keep us going, but for all we know, this life as we know it here on this very planet that we all call Earth is the end of it. Maybe this is all we have! Buddha said the same thing, NOW is all that matters…

So why not make the most of it? Why not practice the wisdom of the age-old adages? There are so many for the tough days.

This time, too, shall pass!
Keep going!
It’s just a bad day, not a bad life!

Why not try to be a better and empathetic person every day, one day at a time? The situation is terrible and out of our control; sometimes, there is complete darkness and no silver lining. But all we can do is try!

One day at a time, yet every day!

  • When I want to understand something better, I write about it!

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