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The Distance Between Me and Montreal

I’ve gotten used to traveling the long road back to you
Sailing that great ocean of highways and interstates
Conquering the distance that only serves to keep me from you
Foot tapping anticipation haunting me for hours
As cars move with agonizing slowness
Every second that passes a moment stolen from us
Our bond spans borders and well-traveled roads
We are bounced back and forth across train tracks and asphalt
Roads that used to be strangers are now old friends
They sing our greatest hits and ask if you’ve been well
I promise them I’ll have laughter of yours to share on the way back home


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Danny is a writer, photographer, and musician from Toronto. They are currently an undergraduate student majoring in gender studies, with an interest in equity, inclusivity, and diversity-related work. Their work is often influenced by their own lived experiences as a lgbtq+ individual.