Star Waltz

Scattered by the millions
Soiree through the night,
Labor amidst glaring rays
None of them in sight.

Radiating puissance
Explosions of the law,
Yet we don’t believe them
Their signs ever-ignored.

Justifying patterns
Denial of the answer,
Feed on information
Rationed by a jester.

Blind worship of toads
Orange wrinkled skin,
Grab em’ by the pussycat
Build a wall to win.

Cutting off the island
Brush aside ol’ Grenfell,
Running through a wheat field
Floating on an eggshell.

Exploiting global data
Disguised in Ts and jeans,
Hijacked private lives
A prodigy’s misled dreams.

Compare oneself to all
Begging for attention,
Eager queues to talk
To listen seems a mission.

Measure by the net worth,
Skin color, beliefs,
Culture shows a real threat
Genuinity at grief.

Trauma-impaired infants
Command lasting decisions,
Dominance of egos
Spread contagious visions.

Lay under the sky
Observe the shapeless trance,
Notice a dim whisper
It’s not too late to dance.

by guest writer Marko Csokasi

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