Stand Still?

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I had once read a quote about happiness and it has stuck with me for the last two decades now!

Happiness is like a butterfly; the more you chase it, the more it will evade you, but if you notice the other things around you, it will gently come and sit on your shoulder.

Henry David Thoreau

I always look at happiness as a butterfly. I crave for the butterfly to come to sit on my shoulder. But standing still and noticing the other things requires a great deal of patience. Doesn’t it?

It is just so tempting to chase the butterfly. Being content with the present and waiting patiently for the butterfly is just so difficult at times. I keep trying to do it, anyway! Because I crave for the butterfly to come to me…

But every time the butterfly comes and sits on my shoulder, it isn’t easy to stand still… How can one be still with a butterfly sitting on their shoulder?

Then again, I learned to be still then because I now know from experience that if I move too much, the butterfly will fly away. And who knows, when would it come back to me again?

So, here I am, standing as still as I can, content with the butterfly on my shoulder! I get anxious whenever it flutters—each time praying for it to stay for some more time. I now know that forever is just a myth. That the butterfly would fly away sooner than I would want it to. And I admit that the thought is scary in itself. But I have learned to embrace uncertainties in life. Or at least that is what I say to myself every day. Maybe the journey is the destination in itself.

I know you are wondering when would I get to answer the dreadful question looming upon us… What would happen when the butterfly flies away?

I would wait for it to come back soon. Because I believe it would come back, it always does! And I am ready to wait while I am on this mysterious journey of life.

  • When I want to understand something better, I write about it!

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