Simple Solution to Every Problem

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

When we look at the life, the world, the universe, the reality
With one glance, just superficially
We find, it’s labyrinthine,
very intricate with colossal complexity

But If we look deep down, to the core, to its heart
Examine the roots, where reality broken down into smaller parts
You will see, the simplicity
Will understand, simple rules governs the planets, galaxies and stars

We should interrogate the truth of life and universe skeptically
We should see the world rationally and nihilistically
Observe the human’s actions, cosmos’s operations unbiasedly

Thoughts and actions should be protected from superstitions
Should not be affected, misguided by human emotions
And then, mysteries will be unfolded
If you view the world with eyes of ratiocination.

  • Saarthak Haldar is a science writer and a poet . He likes to express his thoughts and feelings by poetry . He has written science articles and journals .His poems are on human emotions and about nature .

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