Seven Shadows

Image by Photocurry from Pixabay

Seven shadows over me.
A thirst for blood in scattered dreams.
Hope. It burnt the heart of me,
So now I’m empty. Stark and bleak.
They scream and shout those words at me,
Empty threats and lies of steel.
My sword was swung
And now am I
Just a shadow
Just like him
Who can make this tremor stop.
And bring this pain to its halt.
Is it me, again I’ll see that there is
No safety in that time.
I am not what I used to be.
I’m torn. I’m broken. Half of me.
I’ve scattered all but slivers few.
I’ll never find a way to live
A lie thats happy, rosy, true.
That’s why I’ve given into these
Shadows. Carry me.
Again. Again. I’m on this road.
Emptier now than I was before.
My blood runs thin. My heart beats slow.
I’m not as young as I was before.
These dreams have cost me many years
Now I dream to pass at night.
I’ll hope again, maybe still.
But it’ll be too late for me to shine.

Guest Poet

Dalia Grimm

Dalia writes poetry in her darkest hours. They are a catharsis. They help her draw her struggles into words that make the battle easier. She hopes they can help or inspire someone else.

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