Remembering That Teacher

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A classroom is a sacred space for every teacher 
But now in place is the standard operating procedure. 
Yet your assiduous efforts are a formidable force, 
Helping each student to complete the course.

By unlocking the true potential of digital learning, 
You have kept your passion and desire burning. 
In these tumultuous times of this COVID pandemic, 
The least you deserve is a panegyric.

Hence, on this momentous occasion, let us 
Reminisce about that teacher-student relation 
For the dawn of each Arjuna 
Begins with a Dronacharya and his wisdom.

A preacher merely commands and orders you to abide. 
While a teacher showers wisdom and says “Now you decide”. 
Sparking the flame to quench the thirsty minds 
As those quintessential life lessons unwind.

Painting our thoughts with compassionate care, 
Illuminating the path to drive away despair. 
To this profession, none can ever compare. 

With selfless devotion to this intangible cause, 
You definitely deserve more than an applause. 
For imparting not just skills and knowledge, 
But for inculcating values during this pilgrimage.

It is but conspicuous the sacrifices throughout you make 
While forgiving all our foibles and mistakes. 
A sagacious aphorism by you outnumbers even 100 hours of study 
For it is instrumental in the process of self-discovery. 

It is thus quite true that those who go on to find their way, 
Ultimately remember the teacher who moulded the clay. 
I pray for your long, healthy and prosperous life 
So that you keep invigorating those young minds.

Wishing you a very Happy Teacher’s Day!
  • Being tech-savvy since school days, I enjoyed writing insightful reviews on gadgets. That passion for technology coupled with a keen interest for maths eventually led me to pursue Computer Science Engineering. Additionally, my philosophical side helped me to explore life from different angles. Being sort of a social recluse, I used to pen down my thoughts in a journal/diary. However, with the passage of time, other things supplanted this essential habit. Now, as a neophyte raconteur, I intend to rediscover myself through this platform, and at the same time, share my thoughts with the budding community.

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