Pretty Woman

Pretty woman, A Poem by Judekelvin Igbonekwu

Life is a woman in colored Dress
Life is, a woman in colored Dress
is it crime to be a woman endowed in colors and free
from assaults?

Call me a damsel with no face, and I look beautiful on my back
I sit in the swirl of my dress and watch the life taken from me for being woman in colored dress
I do not know what I see anymore,
mistakes, and I see regrets
nightmares and I see
many Weinstein inside of me,
and I choose to look away

Not that I do not want to be seen and counted another woman in colored dress
I want to, but look beautiful in this shamed body,
be ugly and beautiful and a pretty woman in colored dress

My curl is the body of a pretty woman, my calm is shoot gun to save me from predators
Tears that tear my colored dress open,
Coerces that ignore the tear, I take it I am a woman and a mark in me
Have you not noticed, I am too fragile the world scares me

My mistake is embraced
and my nightmare is replaced,
a luminous color of love

Pretty woman, A Poem by Judekelvin Igbonekwu


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