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When everything around you looks like a tornado,
Multiple places around the world, things exploding
The fall is accelerating and even though you’re guarded
The thoughts and revelations try to leave your mind bombarded
You may think the answer is if it’s your feelings you discarded
You may think the answer lies within the darkness
But that confusion is what leads to you being anxious
Cause when you have this, the negative will always be persistent
But if you stick to your resolve, that persistence will be met with resistance
And now matter what may be thrown into your space
You always use your protection to guard your face
Choosing this path would put your mind at ease
And no longer will I be haunted by my past behind me
Cause I have my success without that university
Part of my success is being able to handle my adversity
It comes to a point where there’s not much to say
Cause I can handle anything life throws at my way
It comes to a point where certain situations are handled at an arms length
And being able to make that decision is a display of my strength
And when the universe may think I’m at rest
Just hope you know I’m ready for whatever test
That you may present in my path
Cause I know that test won’t hurt me more than feeling your wrath
Always remember when you feel like you were drowning in those waves
Keep your mind afloat remember you only help, not save
Examine the situation and embrace the lesson
Cause the struggle is actually in disguise a blessing
Always remember tomorrow is a new day
And you could hit a home run in any ball thrown your way
I can tell you all of this in a super long list
But never forget you got this
Just remember why you mastered this class
Cause this too shall pass
Your life is what you make it you control the narrative
That’s why even when it’s hard always remain positive

  • J.I.M= Journeys in Mind Sometimes less is more

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