Pitch Black

Photo by Josh Nuttall on Unsplash

Pitch black, and it’s getting even darker
An endless fall, you’re in too deep
Just tell me when did you lose that spark
Why did you put your dreams to sleep
Those demons still creeping in, right?
With no one around to hold you tight
Pitch black, and you’re falling apart
That unfilled void in your scattered heart
Half alive, tempted to leap off the edge
Just tell me when did you lose yourself
When did you feel it getting worse
Consuming you like a bloody curse
Pitch black, and you’re not alone
I’m here, I’ll listen to you till dawn
Yes you, a unique art worth to be drawn
Believe you can take a step out to the light
Yes you, dare to emerge from the fright
There’s so much more to life
Pitch black, but you’re no longer inside

  • A 23 years old’ soul who found refuge in writing. From poems, short stories, articles she felt the urge to write, and now the urge to share.

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