Whoa oh passion,
Me and you keep my ‘heart to be true.
Oh oh passion,
Deep down inside holds the destiny of fate,
Dark feelings that hide are the enemies debate,
Oh oh passion,
When we follow you our destiny is true,
We’ll swallow the proof, loss of negativity will be due,
Not wallow and hide, we’ll swallow our pride,

When we reach out for you our troubles will hide,
we’ll have no cries like they gone and died,
We’ll reach for the sky and will not deny,
‘Cause for each we can fly,
and hold hands to the sky,
Oh oh passion….lets fly
Oh oh oh passion

Together we can,
Just reach out with your hands,
feel it inside, don’t you let it hide,
Feel your glow and begin, lead the life you live in.
Oh oh passion,
Aim for the stars and then you can shoot,
Aim for your heart and then just boot,
The damn voice of denial, chip away with the file,
Fill your heart with that love and feel like a dove,
Oh oh passion

Feel it inside you, if you know give me truth!
Do you feel it inside? Or does it run and hide?
If passion you feel, then you understand my peel,
Were here to create, the assembly line is debate,
Feel the force of passion inside,
Wear it as a fashionable guide.
Oh oh passion

The passion within leads to what’s planned,
The path that begins’ seeds the promised land,
So see the light that this word hides,
It’s the only fight that we must abide,
For passions within, don’t let it hide,
Let it fill up with love and be-ee your guide.
Oh oh oh passion…
I love you!

by Justin Bennett

Volume #1: Passion

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