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He was alone in the woods and with the last of the hand warmers gone, there was nothing to keep the cold from seeping into his bones. Rubbing his palms together, he blew air into them in a desperate attempt to ward off the numbness. He admonished himself for not knowing how to build a campfire.

As he pushed his hands deeper into his pockets to hold on to the warmth that was just beyond his reach, he felt his fingers curl around his smart phone.

He unlocked the phone and asked Google for help, like he always did.

A hostile, black screen stared back at him.

It said, ‘No internet connection.’

  • Urmilla Kannuswamy is a Software Engineer with experience in building websites and mobile applications. When she is not writing code, she writes flash fiction and poems on online platforms like Medium and Reddit. Her hobbies are reading, writing and cycling.

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