Nature of Love

I’ve been waiting for you to reverse the hands
Of time. But you won’t say what I need to hear,
So now I know you can’t rebuild what you burned.


You spent all my life seeping demons into me, from you
And you made me earn but never showed a seed of your truth
My personal monster among all the shadowy men,
You wonder why I could never love you, ever again.
I hope your sweet words lie to me one last time, poison my sippy cup
But I already know the truth is your DNA will always be screwed up
Short fuse, half truths, games, and putting a knife through my new bed
But you burned too much of our hearts and now the fire’s dead
And I can’t give you redemption.


I’ve had you swimming in my mind too often
But you’ve already gone- are you broken too?
Are you all alone these days, just like me
Or are you moving forward, let me see
Push me, push me, push, I pull away
But you need me, you tell me to stay
You know if the walls could talk we’d fall from grace
Reputation blackened, mahogany stains on pearl lace
I can think but I don’t want to
Cause when you talk fast, it’s all you
I could never have made you a better person
No matter how many chances with each new monsoon



No matter where I go, I’ll always remember the places I’ve been
Even though I know it’s all gone I can’t forget the ugly sin

  • Brianna writes poetry, prose, and personal essays as well as music; other passions include running, photography, and computer science. She aspires to inspire and intends to change lives.

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