My Deafening Egoic Self

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

My ego mumbles, my world crumbles…

Rowdy rumbling echos, 
“You are a weakling…” 
“You are ordinary”, 
“No, I am not!” 
“Soon I will win!” 

Life goes on, and on, 
Into an endless pursuit, 
You’ll never know why, 
or who you really are, 
Unless you try.

So what for now? 
Be content with what you got? or 
Ignore everything that sparks? 
And finally, kick your butt! 
to face your doubts. 

Should have done that 
a long time ago 
But isn’t it possible, 
just now? 
Isn’t every day a fresh new start?

Then, better do it pronto! 
Or you’ll have a lifetime 
grieving over it, 
Crazily lamenting 
the passing of time.

What matters most, 
is being true to yourself. 
Be bold. Take risks. 
It’s now, 
Or never.
  • Just juggling between being a frontliner at day time, a content writer at night time and a sole mom of four gifted kiddos; coffee and choco lover, too.

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