More Than an Accessory

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A Cento poem from “The Husband Stitch” in

Carmen Maria Machado’s In Her Body and Other Parties

I am her ribbon, the one
she keeps around her long
swan like neck of her body
and the envy of the other
luscious parts. I come in
red, her favorite color, I
never stray from her collar
line, even when her husband's
hands become so frisky trying
to loosen my every strap, he tries
to untie me when he smoothly
whispers how much he loves
her face, using words like
perfection and model, but
she always slaps him away.
He refuses to accept, she
and I are united forever,
his wife is more faithful
to me than she is loyal to his
two-minute climaxes. I love
feeling attached to her
gullet, I am her snoring
softly counting sheep
while fantasy dreaming,
swallowing the creamiest
shakes even when she
has a cold, every phlegm
that flies out of her throat
I can feel it pulse through me.
Speaking of chills, then one
night, I could tell something
was feeling rotten as her
husband enticed her to play
a kinky game. He wanted to
tie her up, I worried about his
intentions, still I remained
convinced he would leave
his dirty hands off me, but
then, I felt his fingers loosen
me from her neck, this is when
he carried me from their bed,
I felt the scissors. Before
the first cut, we both turned
hearing something round
cranium-like fall on
the floor, this is when
I felt each snip, off with her
head. Why did he have to be
so vain? I was the auricular
nerve that held her up. As
I lay shattered barely alive,
I watched him pathetically
trying to put his wife back
together, like a doll in pieces,
she no longer was the most
perfect face, the one he longed
to keep mantled his trophy
wife now becomes a torso,
blood rushing out of her
thyroid glands, no longer
attached, he never wanted
to see that I was the bow on
his gift that kept her trachea
bonded. He should have never
been fixated on severing my hold.
What happened to the vows?
Now he must hold on this body
without his favorite part.
  • Adrian Ernesto Cepeda is the author of Flashes & Verses… Becoming Attractions from Unsolicited Press, Between the Spine from Picture Show Press and La Belle Ajar from CLASH Books. His poetry has been featured in Harvard Palabritas, Glass Poetry: Poets Resist, Cultural Weekly, Yes, Poetry, Frontier Poetry, The Fem, poetic diversity, Rigorous, Luna Luna Magazine, The Wild Word, The Revolution Relaunch and Palette Poetry. Adrian is an Angelino Poet who lives with his wife and their adorably spoiled cat Woody Gold in Los Angeles.

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